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A video clip of Taylor Swift excitedly greeting Lenny Kravitz backstage at the iHeart Radio Music Awards has gone viral on TikTok. Kravitz hosted the awards ceremony, and iHeart Radio posted various event clips on its official TikTok account.

In the video, Swift is walking backstage through a corridor when someone calls out her name. She turns around and makes an excited noise as Kravitz compliments her on her outfit, and the two chat briefly before continuing down the corridor.

The TikTok video has gained over 34,000 likes, and fans have taken to the comments section to express their delight at the pair’s sweet moment. Swift won Innovator Award at the ceremony for artists who have impacted global pop culture throughout their careers.

In contrast, Lenny Kravitz’s influence on hip-hop has been significant. He has been sampled by several prominent hip-hop artists, including Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne, and has collaborated with artists such as Jay-Z and Drake.

Kravitz’s incorporation of rock, soul, and funk into his music has influenced hip-hop’s exploration of different genres and sounds.

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