Takeshi 69, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, has been involved in several high-profile feuds with other rappers throughout his career. These beef have been marked by public exchanges on social media, diss tracks, physical altercations, and even legal troubles.

One of the earliest beef Takeshi had was with rapper Trippie Redd. In 2017, Trippie accused Takeshi of stealing his style and called him a “fake gangster.” Takeshi responded by calling Trippie a “clout chaser” and a “p*ssy.” The two artists exchanged heated words on social media, eventually leading to Trippie’s crew assaulting Takeshi in New York City.

In 2018, Takeshi got into a feud with fellow New York rapper Casanova. Casanova accused Takeshi of being a snitch and claimed he had ties to the Bloods gang. Takeshi denied the accusations and called Casanova a “clout chaser” and a “liar.” The two artists continued to trade insults on social media, but the beef never escalated beyond that.

Another notable beef Takeshi had was with Chicago rapper Chief Keef. Takeshi had previously dissed Chief Keef on social media, calling him a “has-been” and claiming that he was irrelevant. Chief Keef responded by threatening Takeshi on social media, and the beef eventually led to a shooting outside a New York hotel where Takeshi was staying. Takeshi later pled guilty to federal racketeering and firearms charges concerning the shooting.

Takeshi also had a beef with West Coast rapper YG. In 2018, Takeshi released a diss track called “Stop Snitching, ” calling out YG for allegedly cooperating with the police. YG responded by calling Takeshi a “weirdo” and a “rat,” The two artists continued to trade insults on social media.

Overall, Takeshi’s beef with other rappers has been a significant part of his career and has helped fuel his notoriety and popularity. However, they have also brought him into conflict with the law and have had severe consequences for his personal and professional life.


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