Pop Smoke, born Bashar Barakah Jackson, was an American rapper and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. He first gained recognition in 2019 with his breakout hit “Welcome to the Party” and quickly became a rising star in the rap industry.

Early Life and Career:

  • Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1999
  • He began rapping in his teenage years
  • He released his first mixtape, “Meet the Woo” in 2019

Development of Sound:

  • Pop Smoke’s music is heavily influenced by UK drill, a subgenre of trap music that originated in London
  • He often incorporates a gritty and aggressive delivery, as well as heavy use of auto-tune in his music
  • He is known for his catchy hooks and energetic beats
  • His lyrics often touch on themes of violence and street life

“Pop Smoke brought a new energy to the US drill scene, with his Brooklyn accent and UK-inspired flows.” – Rolling Stone

Breakout Success:

  • In 2019, Pop Smoke release, eased the single “Welcome to the Party” which quickly gained popularity on social media.
  • The song was remixed by Nicki Minaj and became even more popular
  • He went on to  his debut mixtape, “Meet the Woo” which featured the hit single “Dior”
  • He signed with Republic Records in 2019


  • Pop Smoke was shot and killed on February 19, 2020, in a home invasion in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. Arrests were made, but the case is still under investigation, and why is it wise to watch who you associate with in the industry right now?

One of the latest updates about three weeks ago is the pop Smoke mural being defaced in Brooklyn.

Pop Smoke’s death shocked the music industry and his fanbase, many of whom saw him as a rising star with a bright future ahead. His music continues to be popular and influences other artists.

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