During the Warriors’ game against the Pelicans on Tuesday night, Draymond Green recognized that his team was struggling in the first half, with 14 turnovers and a 19-point deficit. Green motivated his team in the second quarter to improve their energy and focus, ultimately leading to their 120-109 win.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr praised Green’s leadership, saying he willed the team to victory by demonstrating intensity and frustration towards everyone, including their opponents, their bench, and even Kerr himself.

Green’s first notable action was when he received his 17th technical foul for shoving Brandon Ingram after he drove toward the basket. The altercation led to some shoving between Green and Ingram.

Basketball and hip-hop have long had a close relationship, influencing each other in various ways. In the case of Draymond Green’s performance in the Warriors-Pelicans game, his intense and fiery leadership on the court is an embodiment of hip-hop culture.

Hip-hop, like basketball, is all about passion, energy, and expression. The genre has consistently drawn inspiration from the sport, referencing basketball players and games often appearing in hip-hop lyrics. Likewise, many basketball players have embraced hip-hop culture, with some even pursuing music careers.

However, the connection between basketball and hip-hop goes beyond mere cultural crossover. The two have a deep shared history, with basketball courts often serving as a hub for creating and spreading hip-hop music. In the early days, many hip-hop artists honed their skills by rapping and performing at local basketball courts and tournaments.

Today, hip-hop and basketball continue to inspire each other. Many NBA players, like Damian Lillard and Shaquille O’Neal, have released their hip hop albums, while rappers like Drake and J. Cole have become fixtures courtside at NBA games. The two cultures continue to fuel and feed off each other, with basketball games and hip-hop concerts as epicenters of energy, passion, and creativity.

Playing basketball with your favorite hip-hop song can work wonders for your pre-game warm-up in any sport, craft, and creative sport.

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