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It’s a challenge starting any website from scratch, especially in an age where there are millions of websites, and ways to build them.

Challenge number 1 for building, is going through the documentation for the web theme we are using to make sure everything is working.

Challenge number 2 that we are facing is setting up payment processors, and making sure that is working.

Overall, overcoming these challenges is what makes the process easier over time. Confidence builds, the headaches become less scary, and everything can work out.

Having a team of people who are able to tackle different issues you encounter along the way helps a ton. So one of the main recommendations is to form a well balanced team that can tackle issues of all kind.

The Count Down?

The countdown time has been added to the home page, and you will have to sign up for our free VIP list to know what is happening on that date.

This will be something that will be revealed shortly, for now, stay tuned!

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