Music is the motivation behind a lot of creative endeavors during set backs, hard times,  and general day to day life. Some may play 2pac when its mothers day, and play“Dear Momma”.

You might even play Lenny Kravits “Fly Away”, when you feel as if the walls are closing in, or when you are ready to take a big chance.


Music Sets The Mood

Knowing this, try to play music that inspires when you find yourself not wanting to create. This simple tip  can add a lot of positive energy to whatever it is you are putting effort towards.

Nipsey Hussle music is good if someone is doubting you, hating on you, and not believing in your vision. There are all types of moods that can set you off to positive productivity and action.

Leave a comment below on what music do you like to listen too when in a certain mood.

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